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RICON gives you the power to unleash one of your most crucial assets: time

RICON solutions is introducing a better way to retail

By aggregating vital data into one application and providing a centralized view of performance indicators tailored to your business’s specific needs, RICON delivers faster, easier access to your retail intelligence.

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How accessible is your retail intel?

All-in-one Dashboard

Access all your marketing information on your dashboard. 

View all final marketing creative on your dashboard for every event, emails, direct mail, video, audio and in-store with costs, distribution, and ROI. 

Promotional Planning

Access your ability to drive incremental sales and margin dollars by the offer.

Track MAPP pricing automatically while planning the events.
See a historical performance at the SKU level across all events and maximize margin return.

KPI and Financial Performance

Understand how merchandise performed in every ad event 
Do you manage vendor funding? See how each vendor contribution performed instantly!

Inventory Planning

Plan, measure, and evaluate inventory by the store to determine exactly what needs to be ordered. 

Samples, Photography, and Copy

Track all merchandise samples, photography, and copy 

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We can be integrated with any solution

The more data you enter, the more effective RICON will be at expanding your knowledge of your business’s key performance indicators. This gives you the ability to make bolder future decisions based on real, actionable information about your business.

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We perform a comprehensive needs assessment to optimize sales & results

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Lift Analysis Dashboard

View the media used for the promotion. Helpful for merchandise planning to see the offer and SKU used and compare it to other events.

On one screen clients can see sales, margins, units with a variety of filters like brand, color, size, style, model down to the SKU and store for any promotional event, print or digital.
The benefit is a laser focus on the improvement of sales, margins, inventory, and advertising expense.

View the “Lift” to see how the offer performed. Did it generate enough incremental sales, margin, and units to return the needed ROI? You will make better decisions with your marketing planning using RICON.

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RICON was developed with the specific needs of its users in mind. We’ve spent thousands of hours listening to the needs of retail buyers, coordinators, planners, managers, photographers.

We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure maximum ease of use and proficiency for every business.

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